Renaissance Fun

When I was in junior high, my friend, Tanya, and I would go to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival every year and we loved it! Once we were back in Florida, I couldn’t wait to take Chris and James and share that experience with them. We were also happy to have our niece and nephew, Hope and Jackson, with us for the day as well. It was such a fun day!
James and Jackson give kid-friendly bungee jumping a try.
James LOVED it, as you can see. Jackson was less convinced it was amazing.
Love these two! So sweet!
We watched a joust and the kids cheered for their knight.
Jackson took his turn on a trusty steed.
James participated in feats of strength!
We sat down to watch a magic show and they picked an unwilling
Chris! The new star joke of the show!
The kids all eagerly watched Chris on stage.
I love his “how the hell did I get chosen for this” face!
“Well, if the man tells me to stare into the eyes of a bunny, I’d better do it.”
“This has got to be close to being over.”
Cousins and best buddies.
Our beautiful Hope.
She got her hair braided and it was lovely.
Her hair looked beautiful. Her face is just silly. 🙂
Jackson moves up from pony to elephant!
James holds his nose because apparently elephants stink. HA!
It must have been fun because we wore them out!