Closer to Home

When we aren’t gallivanting about the country/world, we enjoy experiences that can be found a little closer to home, right here in Florida. Here’s a roundup of some fun times we had towards the end of summer and the start of fall. Which in Florida is still just summer.
This is a shaved ice that is bigger than his head. And he has a big head! He didn’t finish it, but he got pretty close.
Chris and I went on a date. An actual date! He got us reservations at Chef’s Table, an amazing restaurant in Winter Garden, and it was so fantastic! The food was delicious and the wine pairing made my night. We highly recommend it!
Happy people who just had uninterrupted adult conversation and wine. Woohoo!
For reasons I don’t understand, Chris and James thought it would be a super fun challenge to hit all four Disney parks in one day, riding as many major rides as they could in each one before moving on to the next. Seeing as how I had zero interest in this challenge, they took advantage of my trip to Seattle to take it on. After 1 bus ride, 2 boat rides, 3 monorail rides, 4 parks, 12 miles walked, 13 hours, and 18 actual rides, they accomplished their goal!
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
The car ride home.
Being in the heart of theme park central means we are lucky enough to get to meet up with friends when they come to visit Mickey and have some Disney fun together. 
Jenn, Terry, and Princess Sophia on the carousel. Jenn and I have been friends since we were six years old! 
James and Princess Sophia hand in hand on Main Street. So sweet!
Hanging out with David, Carol (Jill’s college roommate), Cullen, and Devon.
The big boys took on Splash Mountain (first two rows).
Our theme park love isn’t just for Disney. Universal and especially the Wizarding World of Harry Potter also make the Shenks happy. While we don’t go there as often, we have been caught murmuring spells and drinking butterbeer on occasion. 
The Shenks paying a visit to Hogwarts. So much fun! 
James was beyond excited to be old enough to ride this one all by himself! (He wasn’t the only one excited about that.)
Keeping our summer concert series going, I got tickets to see the Dixie Chicks down in West Palm Beach. It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend away, but life happens and I was left without a date. Enter James. The world’s most adorable date that isn’t my husband. He was thrilled to join me on a little weekend getaway and it was great to spend that time together just relaxing. Mostly, he just wanted to swim in the giant hotel pool.
Chillin’ in the hotel before the show. 
One super cool kid getting ready to rock at the concert.
I LOVE the Dixie Chicks! Such a great show!!
Singing and dancing and having a really awesome time! Doesn’t this look like we are having fun? Maybe not.
Good selfies are hard.
In case you think we are never at home, here are some pictures of us enjoying our own backyard. Because we are there. Sometimes. 
Leo gets to enjoy the pool on occasion. Not sure why he’s sticking his tongue out at me… silly dog.
Underwater selfie! Nice job, Lifeproof iPhone case.
Turning a simple pool noodle into a water cannon. That Pop is always up to no good.
Look at these cuties! We love it when Hope and Jackson come over to hang out.  
James’ new favorite outdoor activity isn’t the pool, it’s the riding lawnmower.
Won’t be long until he’ll be in charge of mowing.