Fun Florida Fourth of July

After the excitement of our trip to England, we were happy to have a relaxing weekend with friends planned for the Fourth of July. We headed down south to the Naples/Marco Island KOA with our trailer, and our friends were staying in cabins there. I have no idea what possessed me to head south in Florida in July. It was hot. And sticky. And there were a ton of annoying bugs flying about. 
Yet, we are a group who can have fun no matter what, so it was still a great time. We spent a couple days trying out different beaches in the area and that is pretty much the only pictures we took. Chris and James also spent a few hours at The Revs Institute car museum and they highly recommend it if you are in the area.
Danielle. Thinking about the vastness of the ocean? Or how far she has to swim to get away from her sister…?
Kim, as fabulous as ever, with her daughters, Tia and Danielle.
Danielle gives the stand-up paddle board a try with her mom and grandmother, Enid, looking on.
Sitting turned out to be easier.
Chris. Living the dream. Floating along.
Scuba Steve James gives the SUP a go. He prefers something less calm. No surprise there. 
Patrice, her mother Rosemary, and her daughter Tessa having fun in the water!
Tia took a turn on the SUP and she did great!
For a bit.
Then splash. 
Speaking of splashes… I totally won that fight! 
James and his great love. Not Tia. Digging in the sand.
James and Tessa. I have no idea if he is “adjusting his shorts” in this picture, but they’re still cute. 
Jill and Patrice. Friends since 1999. Former NYC roommates. Always fun.