Fall Fun and Visitors Galore

Fall is my favorite time of year and this one was especially nice! After welcoming Ellie into the family, we were thrilled to introduce her to so many of our friends and family members who spent time with us and came to visit.
We enjoyed a fun visit with Tanya and her sweet kiddos, Declan and Genevieve, when they came to stay with us for a couple days and celebrated Ellie’s first trip to Disney World with us.
All dressed up like Minnie Mouse for her first Disney day.
Thanks for my adorable dress, Auntie Kim!
Two gorgeous Disney babies. I’m so excited to watch these two grow up together over the years. 
James got a haircut at the Magic Kingdom for the first time. He loved the experience!
Demonstrating her readiness for the roller coasters. 
James and Declan are such great friends! Miss you guys!!
Our annual anniversary trip to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival included the kids this year since Ellie was only a month old so we made a family trip out of it. It was fun, but definitely a different experience than usual.
Thirteen years of marriage and now two kids!
James enjoys the gorgeous sunset. 
Our little family of four.
It was such a beautiful night at Epcot.
My boys checking out the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.
Kerri managed to get away for a quick weekend trip to meet Ellie and we were so excited to introduce them! It’s a bit of a joke that I had James, then Kerri had four girls, and then I had Ellie, so our kids bookend hers. Six kids in nine years makes for a lot of noise when we get together. Ha!
Ellie is expressing her joy at meeting Ms. Kerri. 
Having some drinks and introducing Kerri to the awesomeness that is the Food & Wine Festival.
Completely chillin’. Like a boss.
James was invited to participate with the Voices of Liberty. So cute!
James and Ms. Kerri checking out the trains in Germany. 
Getting to know Ms. Sue, Kerri’s aunt, who was also our realtor (and friend). 
For Halloween this year, James wanted to be Darth Vader and coerced our friends, Dave & Larcy, into dressing up as Star Wars characters as well. Chris and I were also supposed to be costumed, but I dropped the ball. Because newborn baby. I did, however, make sure Ellie was ready. She was BB-8, or as James called her “Baby 8”. 
Darth Vader James.
BB-8 Ellie.
The whole Star Wars gang. Minus Chris. Who went as Chris.
Ellie spent a lot of time being passed around. It really was so much fun to share her with so many of our loved ones.
Uncle Dan & Aunt Naomi stopped by on their way south to meet her.
Uncle Dan gets some sweet snuggles.
Ellie checks out Ms. Stacy, the friend most likely to teach her things I don’t want her to know.
Sharing smiles with Ms. Jess, who is always happy to spend time with her. 
Sleepy snuggles with Mimi.
Mom steals some cuddle time as well.
Chris had been regularly running and training with Dave, and in November, they completed the Disney Food & Wine Half-Marathon! So proud! Way to go, guys!!
Still smiling after 13.1 miles.
Another milestone for the fall was the addition of James into the world of bespectacled folks.
Picking up his new glasses. He looks so grown up!
We are a family of glasses-wearing nerds!