A San Francisco Treat

One of my dearest friends, Ty, has been my friend since we were 9 or so and this friendship remains one of the greatest gifts in my life. Frankly, she knows too much for me to let her out of it. 
She lives in San Francisco with her awesome wife, Tovah, and on August 28, their beautiful little boy, Ari, finally arrived! I really couldn’t get there fast enough, but we held off until October and then planned a long weekend visit with nothing but baby time on the agenda. Unfortunately, Chris got sick. Sick people do not get to go see new babies, so being the amazing wife that I am, I left him behind to cough, sneeze, and sleep, and James and I went to meet Ari. 
James was excited about getting to hold “Baby Ari”
all by himself. 
So much cuteness in one picture! 
Entertaining us at a local children’s museum
My sweet boy loves Ari already. 
Ty is one happy momma. Just awesome to see. 
25 years of friendship. Woohoo!
Me and that sweet baby all wrapped up in the quilt I
made him for his birthday. He’s so adorable!
James and his Titi Ty 
James with Titi Ty and Titi Tovah. He spent the entire weekend calling them
each the other’s name. Hilarious.
We took the ferry over to Sausalito for the day
and James was so excited to see the Golden
Gate Bridge in person!
One last snuggle with Ari before we go. Wearing the crown
just to remind him who was here first. Ha! Just kidding!