Fall Fun!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and this one has been particularly nice here in Utah. We have had such beautiful colors and the weather has been unseasonably warm which is keeping everyone outside as much as possible before the cold comes. James thinks playing in the leaves is the “most fun ever” and there isn’t a leaf left that he hasn’t stepped on or scooped up and thrown. For those of you that don’t really get fall color where you live, enjoy!
The leaves are turning
And falling
James and Gracie playing in the leaves
Off on an adventure, holding hands. So sweet!
Ready to roll…
…and down the hill he goes!
He made a pile of leaves and then jumped!
“Wasn’t that awesome, Mom?!”
Investigating the moss
Look at that handsome face! 🙂
Throwing a snowball at Leo, who just wants to eat it
James and Mirai were laughing so hard
and it was really adorable.