Dead Horse Point

A few weeks ago, the Shenk family headed south in search of warmer weather. We de-winterized our trailer and headed down to Dead Horse Point State Park, just outside of Moab, for a nice camping weekend. It was a place we had never visited and we were excited to see some sunshine and some great views, of course. Unfortunately, Saturday was overcast and cool but we were determined to enjoy some time outside anyway.
“I think I see something cool over there”
A view of Arches National Park
This road looked a lot more fun than the one below
1, 2, 3, jump!
While out enjoying a drive in the Jeep, we pulled over to enjoy the views and let James and Leo play for a bit. James is content to dig in the dirt or play with rocks, twigs, etc. wherever we go and Leo just needs someone to throw a stick to make him happy. So great how easily entertained they both are!
Enjoying the red rock view and a moment of blue sky
“Throw it, Dad! I’m ready!”
After trying to take a couple pictures of James just playing and being frustrated because he made funny faces at me, I asked him to do whatever he wanted for the camera and I would take pictures of it. This is what he did.
Sunday we woke to blue skies and sunshine and we couldn’t wait to get out and take a hike! There is a long loop trail that basically goes around the park, so we opted for that. It was over four miles and James was such an awesome trooper. We are always so proud of how well he does on hikes and this time he did it with two large blisters on his heels (great job forgetting the hiking socks, Jill). Tough guy!
Sunshine and a beautiful view? Yes, please!!
He informed me he looked like “more of a dude”
with his hat on backwards. Whatever that means.
James wanted to take a picture of us. It’s actually pretty good!
The rock formations are so amazing!
Waiting for Mom who keeps stopping to take pictures…
This scenery never gets old
Chris stops to admire the view and Leo just wants to keep moving.
That dog loves hiking!
Chris and James make friends with a German family on a tour of the US
and Canada in this one-of-a-kind vehicle they had shipped over. The family
was nice enough to let James sit in the driver’s seat and honk the horn. 
Peeking through a hole in some rocks at the view to come
Dead Horse Point and the Colorado River
Leo didn’t want to miss the view. Ha!
Thanks, willing stranger, for taking this Shenk
Family photo!
Awesome tree
James posing next to the cairn he repaired. He took it upon himself to fix
all of the cairns along the trail. It was so sweet but so slow…
Totally worth the hike!