Patriotically Roughing It

This year, we spent the 4th of July camping down in Dixie National Forest. Chris’s family friends, Chuck & Patty O, were volunteering there and we went down to have a visit and enjoy the long weekend. 

Cloudy skies aside, this place is beautiful!

There was a lot of afternoon/evening rain showers, so we did our hiking in the morning.

James was so proud of himself for crossing this “river” by himself.
Funny faces remain his favorite choice for pictures.
Leo cooling off in the waterfall. He loves to play in the water!
On Saturday, we took a hike up to a lake. As expected, an afternoon storm was moving in and we were prepared for a little rain. We were not prepared for the hailstorm that we actually got. Hail. In July. Crazy Utah weather! 
Hiking along, enjoying the sunshine while it lasts..
Leo never cooperates in family pictures. 
The pretty little lake we hiked to. We would have like to enjoy it more, but the sky was darkening quickly!
Waiting out the hail under a little grove of trees that kept us somewhat sheltered. Those things hurt!
Chris had an unintentional run-in with a deer. No winners there. This is what $7200 worth of damage looks like. Thankfully, it’s fully repaired now and the deer ran off in the woods (where we choose to believe it is living happily with its family).
Say it ain’t so! 🙁

After promising James we could roast marshmallows and have S’mores, Jill is forced to improvise during a major evening rainstorm. You do what you gotta do. Sorry for the poor quality photos, but low light and iPhones are not always the best combination.

All you need is a flame!
James, Chuck & Patty O enjoying cooktop S’mores. 
Leo hanging out of our rental truck. He doesn’t seem impressed.