October 2019 – The Birthday Tour Continues

After a fantastic time in Texas for Ellie’s 2nd birthday, we headed further west to spend a few days with our beloved Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jim in Golden, Colorado. To make our visit even more special, our favorite cousin, Jimi, flew out to join us. Aunt Jimi makes everything more fun!

Hooray, we have arrived! Let’s play!
Jimi and Jill. Who only slightly resemble each other.
Christopher and Uncle Jim. Who don’t resemble each other, but lean the same way.
This is where I like to start my day at Aunt Charlotte’s.

North Table Mountain is just a short walk from the house, so whenever possible, we like to hike up to the top and enjoy the view. Christopher stayed behind to work (I’d feel bad for him but he stole my chair while I was gone) and Ellie took a nap, so Jimi, James, and I headed up like the Three Amigos but on foot.

Busted! Not that I can blame him, it’s a pretty sweet spot.

No visit to CO would be complete without seeing our dear friends, the L family. We grabbed some dinner in Golden and got to hang out for a bit. Definitely need a longer visit next time! Also, need to remember to take pictures of the adults as well…

Long wait for a table means plenty of time for a street dance party. Rock on!
Cheers to these fabulous Landers ladies!
My favorites. Until we meet again.

Time to leave Colorado and head back east. But we’re not done yet! Next stop, Boston. Meeting up with Unka Dave and Aunta Larcy so we can finally snuggle that sweet little addition, Robert (whom we call Baby Bob), and also see some sights. Good times and lots of laughs for sure!