Fort Wilderness Fun

Chris’s parents, Richard and Cindy, were kind enough to host us all at Fort Wilderness for a fun family weekend of “camping” and hanging out. It was quite cold (especially by Florida standards) but we managed to have a great time anyway and most of us didn’t spend the weekend hiding in our warm motor home… ahem, Corey, cough cough.

Saturday night, we had dinner and did some dancing at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. It was fun watching the kids dance with the characters and Goofy actually took a turn dancing with me! You don’t get to see the pictures of that, though, because I was moving so awesomely they were blurry. Yup. That’s the reason.
James is in the black and blue jacket, dancing with Goofy.
Taylor, James, Jackson, Hope, and Paul twisting the night away.
The gang’s all here.
James found out he was too tall to go on the pony rides. Poor kiddo.
Matt leads Jackson on his pony trail ride.
The cast member let James pet a pony to make up for being such a big kid.
You’re never too big to goof around with Mom!
The lovely Richard and Cindy. How cute are they?!
Corey. Too cool for the rest of us. Or something like that.
S’more time in our campfire. It’s not camping if you don’t have s’mores.
My boys. Love them so.
Hope and Jackson celebrating a moment of happy sibling time.
Matt and Ayesha.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Is the woman behind me really on the phone while on a roller coaster? Really?!
Another beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom.
James and his Papa enjoy a snuggle on our last night together. So sweet!