June 2019- The Pauls Come to Town

Shortly after having Mimi and Papa in town, we were thrilled to welcome most of the Paul family to Vermont (we missed you, Danny!). We can always count on them to come visit us wherever we are and bring the fun times! Our adventures had us outside enjoying the beautiful weather while hiking in Stowe, with a visit to one of our favorite places, the Von Trapp Bierhall (yes, those Von Trapps!), a wandering drive across the border to New York with a ferry ride home across Lake Champlain, and even a day trip to Montreal. Many of the pictures you see below were taken by Stacy Paul as I tend to let the professional document our outings. She is just so good!

Reese brought Leo (her favorite Shenk) a new little friend to play with. How sweet is that?!
Ellie convinced Reese to read her a book almost instantly. She’s relentless.
Hidden beauties of Vermont, spotted on one of our drives.
Quinn and James at the front of the ferry. At the very edge. Because of course they are.
Love seeing my boy cracking up and look at that dimple!
Reese and Ellie feeling the breeze on the ferry.
Ellie pointing out the view for Ms. Stacy.
Watching a storm roll in at Overlook Park and I actually caught the lightning with my phone camera!
When is rolling down a hill not fun?!
This is the face of a teenager who is only begrudgingly allowing you to take a selfie with her. Love you, Reese.
These two knuckleheads took a tumble (they’re fine) but James’ hair is amazing here.
Stacy and I enjoying some refreshing ciders. Yum!
The Bierhall has plenty of space for the kids to play while the parents relax and drink– one of the reasons we love it so much.
The kiddos and I enjoying the cool water of Bristol Falls.
I could not love this boy more. He is pure joy.
Ellie holding her bubbie’s hand and “minnow’s” hand- which is what she began calling Quinn for reasons known only to her.

Since Chris missed out on our last trip to the Bierhall, we had him meet us up there after work so he could enjoy it as well. Plus, Reese developed a fondness for their ginger beer and wanted to have it again. Yes, please!

Stacy was teaching Reese about double exposure and she used me as the model.
I love this picture.
We saw a moose! And named him Melvin!

With Montreal only 2 hours away, it is a very cool and easy city to get to and explore. Now the Paul kids have officially been to Canada and we have all traveled together internationally. Woohoo!

This is called a phone booth. It’s a relic of a bygone time.

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  • Ms Stacy is incredibly talented! I love the photos of little Ellie. She is so photogenic and cute! It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I’m hoping one day you can show me the Bierhall as well. I love cider!!! xx

    • Thanks! We would love to take you to the Bierhall! Just need them to open that pesky border…

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