August 2018

August of 2018 found us spending time at home tackling various projects around the house, hanging out by the pool, and spending time with our people. 
You know, typical summertime fun.
Ellie begins a love affair with Elmo that continues to this day. 
James picked up crocheting as a new hobby from Aunt Kristi.
Still waiting for my scarf…
Concentrating hard on his chores (you can tell by the tongue).
I love it when kids find fun in household tasks. You can have all the fun, kid!
Ellie gets tips from being a Gator from Unka Dave– the ultimate Florida fan!
Playtime with Z– who I’m pretty sure just wanted to put the balls away in the bag and Ellie wouldn’t cooperate. 
I took a few photos of Z and his new baby sister, M, for Kim. So sweet!
Gorgeous smooshy little face. 😍
Chris and James enjoyed their annual Disney 4-Park Day. In August. Because they’re crazy.
That much fun is clearly exhausting. Who knew he could actually get that tired??
Celebrating Jackson’s 9th birthday at the ice skating rink. 
Ellie hangs out with Hope since she’s a little young for ice skating. This year…
James tries to get Ellie to rock out now that she has (barely) enough hair for a mohawk.
James enjoyed a weekend at Mimi’s & Papa’s house doing fun stuff like kayaking.
Ellie takes James’ former train for a stroll while wearing James’ former overalls.
A little flashback photo of James pushing that train around. A lot of drool there.
Bouncing on the trampoline with Daddy. She LOVES it!
Sibling silliness. My heart is so happy.
Enjoying girls’ night out with Kim and Patrice. So. Much. Laughter. 
Look at my handsome boy just hanging out on Grandpa’s truck. 
Summer fun in the pool.
A happy momma with her two adorable kiddos. 
Finally took James to iFly indoor skydiving (which was his Christmas present) and we all had a blast!
James absolutely loved it– he was beaming. 
Ellie enjoys some super fun playtime with Ms. Jess. Not sure who’s happier…
James can make Ellie laugh harder than anyone. She thinks he is hilarious!
Summertime trip to the bowling alley. 
Perfecting his delivery. 
Family bike ride around the neighborhood.
Epic games of Monopoly. They have completely different styles of play and it is intense. I opt out.
My beautiful girl wearing a little sundress I made for her. 
And then she was eleven months old. Just like that.