July 2018

After such a busy and action-packed June, we stuck pretty close to home in July. The focus was on hanging out at our pool and spending time with friends and family. Florida summer is all about staying cool.
Ellie turned her focus to hanging out with Leo.
Ellie gives some assisted walking a try on the 4th of July.
Dave and Chris– such great goobers friends!
This is one of my absolute favorites! So happy to have these two!
Ellie keeps the flag nice and wet so it can’t catch fire from the sparkler.
Happy 4th of July! 
Ellie entertains herself poolside while the boys keep it cool in the pool.
A group “dab” jump. Because tween boys.
That lip! Guess who doesn’t like being told no?!
Big grin from my big girl.
Playtime in the pool with cousin Hope.
Best cousins- Jackson and James. 
Uncle Matt tries on a new hat. Not sure it’s big enough… 
Jackson gets down on Ellie’s level. So sweet.
I attended a weekend homeschool conference in Atlanta all by myself and it was such a great experience (and I don’t just mean the weekend away). It was educational and inspirational and felt really good to be surrounded by people with some of the same joys and challenges in that area of life.
While I was in Atlanta, I took advantage of the opportunity to get together with my college roommate and longtime friend, Carol, and to see my godparents, Dick & Marty. So grateful to still have all of them in my life.
Carol and I hit up a rooftop bar before dinner. 
This couple has been a most wonderful influence in my life and I’m so grateful for them. 💖
While I was away, Chris and the kids hung out at Disney World with Unka Dave.
Ellie continues to grow and explore and we just love to watch it happen.
Apparently, her need to put everything in her mouth extends to her reflection.
Baby girl on the move!
She was trying to get to James who was playing outside.
We like to start them reading at an early age.
My cousin, Cris, who lives in Colorado, came to town with her family for some fun at Universal Studios and we were thrilled to use it as an excuse for a mini-Landers-side reunion.
Me, Aunt Janie, Aunt Millie, Aunt Pansy, and Cris.
Love my family!
And then she was 10 months old! 
Sharing some of Ms. Kim’s lap space with Little Man Z.
James shooting some hoops with Grandpa.
Sweet kisses from Abuela.
Swimming time at Nana Sylvia’s with Amelia who was visiting from California.
Ellie gets some snuggles from Nana Sylvia.
Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress inherited from her bestie, Gigi.
Double the fun in the pack-n-play with Ellie and Gigi together. 
James and Declan in an epic pillow fight. Love how much fun these two have together! 
Best buddies for sure.
This face cracks me up. Little Vulcan eyebrows.
Our beautiful blue-eyed girl.