June 2018- West Virginia Vacation

Almost Heaven… West Virginia!
Both sides of my family were born and raised in West Virginia, and I always enjoy getting to spend time there whenever we can. Since we would be next door, so to speak, in Virginia for the Shenk Family Reunion, we decided to spend a week camping and relaxing in Charleston afterwards. It was a beautiful time of year to see the Mountain State and we were lucky enough to spend a lot of time with one of my favorite people, my cousin Jimi Lynn.
Our peaceful lovely campsite at Kanawha State Forest
Visiting with Jimi Lynn and her animals. 
Savannah the donkey thought I had more carrots. I did not. 
But James did! 
The boys hanging out on the farm. 
I love her. I call her my Ba-donkey-donk. 😆
Silly boy. He spent most of his time playing in the creek. 
West Virginia loves us back!
Ellie and Chris just hanging out and making funny faces at each other. Love them so much.
We drove into Sissonville and surprised my Aunt Ruth. She’s so sweet!
Shenanigans in downtown Charleston. We had very delicious pizza at Pies & Pints that I’m still thinking of fondly… 
A handful of monsters and a face full of road rash from a mountain biking accident.
Still so cute!
Enjoying delicious coffee and some adorable sibling fun.
Three feisty girls. Love this picture.
Definitely my favorite by far. Hilarious. Way to stay calm and hold the baby, Jimi.
With views like this by the campsite, we spent a lot of time just enjoying nature there.
James even captured a moment where Chris and I were both sitting at the same time!
James and I enjoyed one of our favorite outdoor activities–creek-walking. 
Ellie got in on the fun, relaxing time as well.
Truly a beautiful place. 
Feeling all the love from WV.  
Finding happiness in a swing at a local playground.
Big brothers are the best.
James and Chris went off on a mountain biking adventure together.
Ellie and I explored the backroads and found charming old barns and gorgeous vistas.
Of course our Eleanor had to stop in and say hello to Eleanor, WV.  
My two sweethearts getting ready for bed in our little trailer.
Ellie hit the 9-month mark in West Virginia. Getting so big!
Family hike through the state forest on our last day of vacation. 
Disappearing into the lush green woods.
Ellie loved being in the backpack– just like James used to. 
And she fell asleep in it– just like James used to.
She hit 9 months and thought she should take over driving us home.
West Virginia is absolutely beautiful and the people are friendly and welcoming. We can’t wait to go back and spend more time amongst the wonderful Mountaineers.